Ron's Favorite Crossword Puzzle Question and Answer

Many years ago I was into working Double Crostic puzzles, which were published by Thomas Middleton in the New Your Times. Double Crostics were originated by Elizabeth Kingsley for the Saturday Review in 1934.

After you solve the whole puzzle, if you read the first letters of each solved clue from top to bottom, they spell out the name of some famous literary work, and the words within the puzzle are a quote from that work!

Anyway, many years ago I spent several months trying to solve the following clue in one of the puzzles:

        "The headless horseman scrambled after scattered dimes"

The answer is a twelve letter word. I challenge you to solve this particular clue, and I warn you that it is somewhat diabolical. Getting to the answer is frustrating, but if and when you do solve it you will be mentally rewarded immensely.

If you either give up, or are just interested in seeing what this is about, click here to view the answer.