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As the name suggests, this website is geared toward the care and feeding of fifth-wheel RVs. As such it provides a platform for fifth-wheel RV owners or potential owners. If you currently have a fifth-wheel or are thinking about getting one, we have tons of info which is sure to help you enjoy your recreational vehicle. If you currently own some other type of RV such as a small trailer or a big bus, there is likely to be lots of hints and resources that you can apply to your own rig.

The site started as a blog about my trailer. However, it soon occurred to me that having been RVing for about 8 years, I have done a lot of diagrams and documentation regarding the internal and external systems on board - electric, water, sewer, cable and so on. I've also made a lot of repairs and learned a lot on the way. So I wanted to share these things with others who might experience the same sort of issues.

This site is different from most RV websites. For example, there are (currently) no reviews of campgrounds, dealers, equipment and so on. For another, we try to not be overly broad; much of the info contained here is applicable to fifth-wheel rigs specifically, although a lot will also pertain to smaller trailers or motorhomes. But we do try to present as much fifth-wheel-oriented stuff as possible. Look over the Your RV and How To sections to see what we mean.

Many of you will have found this site because you Googled some type of problem with your unit, and are seeking solutions. While I don't pretend to be an RV repair expert, having owned our rig for eight years and dragging it around for 20,000 miles, I have encountered my share of problems, many of which necessitated being repaired on the road. Many of the repair techniques and suggestions given here reflect a good deal of research on the web. As a result, I've tried to combine the best tips I could find and pass them on. The vast majority of the blurbs found here reflect personal experience, but some don't. [see xxx]


Caveat - this site isn't quite ready for prime time yet, so you will see a lot of Under Construction pages. But I wanted to go ahead and post the blogs and photos from our trip up to the Canadian Maritimes. I have quite a few people who are anxious to see them and I didn't want to make them wait until I thought the site was ready to go online.

Although the site isn't finished yet, you should already find some things that may be of interest. The How To section on repairs, although far from complete, does have some diagrams that you may be able to use, including typical systems like electrical, water and cable tv. This section will be fleshed out soon, including some videos on how to repair various systems on your rv. I also recommend that you check out the camp recipes page - what would camping be without cooking on an open fire?

Please check back once every few weeks; I don't anticipate it will take long to get most of the other stuff ready. If you'd like to join our email list we will be glad to let you know when something comes up that you might be interested in. We won't bother you with triviality but we will let you know if, for example, there is a new video you might like to see. Of course, you can have your name removed at any time.


I have documented one of our most interesting trips, to the Canadian Maritimes. It comes in the form of a "diary" of where we went, where we stayed, how we got there, where we ate, what we did and saw, and how long it took to get there. While we don't do campground reviews per-se, I've tried to give as much detail as I could so you might know what to expect should you ever choose to visit any of these 'grounds.

Newbie fifth wheel owners are usually somewhat overwhelmed by the prospect of hooking up their new rig and towing it down the road. They also then to be quite apprehensive about backing into a campsite. They also understandably have a feeling of angst when pondering what to do if things go wrong on the road, as they inevitably will. One of our goals here is to alleviate such fears and inhibitions, and make your camping experiences fun and worry free - right from the start. Here you will find yourself in the company of the everyday Joe RVer, every one of which has felt exactly the same way you do; but, take heart in the fact that almost all of them quickly got over their apprehensions much sooner than they thought.



Our community blogs provide a platform for our more experienced RVers to share their experiences with others who might benefit from learning how they address problems, where they have been and what they liked and didn't like, and ---. It is where questions can be asked and answered, gripes and grievances can be aired, and friends can be made. Please feel free to share whatever is on your mind - it's easy! I will constantly be scanning the blogs for tidbits that would be useful on the site in general, such as repair tips, equipment recommendations, and even things I might not have thought of before.

While this site is not set up to review campgrounds, dealers, rigs and so on, there is a section on campgrounds that we have personally visited - around 50 or so as of this writing, mostly in Maritime Canada. I will be adding others after we complete our planned trip out west to the National Parks in 2019. At some time in the future I may be opening it up to general thoughts on campgrounds in general, but likely not to the so-called "stars" kind of reviews.


I hope this site serves you well. I am always open to comments and suggestions [see --]. While I may not be able to get back to everyone, mostly due to sheer volume, I assure I take everything to heart. Don't be surprised if many of your comments get reflected as updates to the site. I will always strive to make it better for you.

Happy Camping!

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