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So you have a fifth-wheel, or are at least thinking about getting one. Owning a fifth-wheel or other type of RV offers the freedom to see any part of the continental US and Canada. You are limited only by the time and money you can put into it.

I won't lie. Owning most RVs isn't cheap. Depending on what type of rig you get, they can be expensive. Moreover, after you've shelled out for that truck and trailer, or bus and tow car, other costs include campground fees, food, fuel, attraction admition fees, park fees and so on. And accidents do happen. There are also the inevitable repairs, which we hope to help you with on this site.

But if you talk to most RV owners they will tell you that regardless of the costs they wouldn't trade it for the world. We've even known folks that sold their house, bought a rig, and headed out west as full-timers. Although this may be a bit extreme for most folks it does show how much RV-ing has to offer.

A great deal of info on this site also applies to rigs other than fifth-wheels. If you have a smaller pull-behind trailer or a big pusher bus, we're sure you will find things here that you can use.

Buying an RV

There are myriad types of RVs out there to choose from, ranging all the way from big Class A pushers to small pop-up campers. Not only that, there are literally hundreds of RV manufactures. If you go to any campground you will be hard pressed to find more than two or maybe three made by the same manufacturer. Moreover, most manufacturers have multiple designs and features to choose from. So what's a person to do?

RV Goodies

Whether you're an RV newbie or seasoned traveler, you will likely be on the lookout for neat new things for your rig. Here is a list I've compiled of practical and not-so-practical things you might want to consider.

Going on a trip?

Here are some suggestions for things you might want to consider before heading off on that highly anticipated outing. Whether it's your first venture with your new rig or you're a seasoned camper, having a check list is always good to make sure you haven't overlooked anything.


Unless you either never take your RV anywhere or you are incredibly lucky, chances are you are going to encounter repair problems. In such cases you have basically two options: either take it to a dealer or do it yourself. Depending on the magnitude of the repair, if you take it to a dealer you might want to go ahead and apply for a second mortgage. But if you want to give things a try yourself, the tips, hints, techniques and diagrams herein should be of help. Although it might sound scary at first, you might just find out that doing your own repairs is easier than you think.

Storing your rig

When you're not on the road you will have to find some place to keep your rig. While parked, there are a number of things you need to do to prevent problems while the rig is obediently sitting and waiting for you to come get it for another trip.


Almost anywhere you want to go in the US and Canada, there will be RV campgrounds either close by or not too far away. Some are great and some not so much. Here we talk about what you can expect to find at most RV campgrounds - and what to do when you don't.

Dry Camping

Some of the more interesting places to see are not conveniently located close to RV campgrounds. Many of our national parks either do not have RV campgrounds or, if they do, they don't have much in the way of hookups. In such cases you're going to have to go "dry camping" which is an RV-er term meaning "If you need it, you'll have to take it with you/"


Camp Recipes

What would RV camping be without cooking outdoors? Here are some of our favourite indoor and outdoor recipes that are easy to make, and are delicious to boot.

Terms and Definitions

Some RV lingo can be confusing to the newbie. Terms such as fifth-wheel, umbilical cord, hookups, black and gray water, tractor fuel, reefer fuel, ODS, DEF and so on all make sense once you learn what they mean.

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