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Just like taking care of my rig, I have absolutely no intention of letting this website rust. I will be enhancing it and adding new features as long as it makes sense. Owning an RV, especially a fifth-wheel, is not a stagnant process; rather, there is a continual need to do periodic maintenance and perform occasional repairs.

Here is a list of new features which have been recently added:

  • Videos have been added. In addition to numerous photos, videos help capture the magnificence of our trip to Canada and other places.

  • Forums. This feature allows the RV-ing community to talk with each other, debate pros and cons, and offer helpful suggestions. In paraticular, it is intended to supplement the discussions offered in the How To section of this site.

Here are some of the features I anticipate implementing in the near future:

  • Even more How-To blogs, photos and videos - everything from changing out a toilet to replacing a slideout cable.

  • Reviews of rigs, campgrounds, parks, etc. I don't intend this to be a star-based TripAdvisor type review site, but rather a detailed discussion of places RV-ers have personally been to, as well as the surrounding areas.

  • Links to interesting and relevant things on the 'Net. The web is loaded with useful and sometimes not so useful info. We will try to point you to those places we have found to be useful.
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