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Hello, my name is Ron Field, creator and owner of Black Vanda Productions LLC. I do websites. My company is dedicated to producing professional looking websites at minimal cost.

If you've arrived here, it was most likely from a link on my RV website. But if you got here from a Google search or by some other method, please take a moment to look at that site to see a good example of my website presentation techniques.

As for background, I spent most of my career as a hard core Windows developer. I was a senior level Windows application developer with several decades of computer program design and development expertise. Yep, that's right, I'm an "old fart". As a consultant and contractor I worked with over 40 companies, from 2-man outfits all the way up to Fortune 100 companies like GEand Dun & Bradstreet.

By the way, that's me over to the right calmly working on a particularly difficult debugging problem.

A few years ago I basically retired from working as a full-time computer consultant and dove headlong into my other long-term interest: website development. I started out doing basic hand-coded HTML and gradually progressed through DHTML, XML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, JsRender, Video.js, Ruby, JSON, Ajax and SQL, and eventually on to ISS, C# and ASP.NET. So, as you can see I am well-equipped to handle most website coding tasks - barring the absolutely bizarre or arcane, of course, which you shouldn't want to consider anyway .

Using ASP.Net technology, your website can offer powerful features like the following, to give your site a professional, state-of-the-art look and feel.

  • Basic controls: text boxes, combo boxes, drop-downs, buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, labels, hyperlinks
  • Powerful super-controls: table, tree view, grid, calendar, color picker, animation
  • Extended rich-edit boxes, ala Microsoft Word
  • Images, photos, photo galleries, videos, uploads, Lightbox support
  • Popup windows, forms, wizards
  • Flexible menus, breadcrumb navigation
  • Tabbed panels, folders
  • Data input verification
  • Conditional item display
  • Data validation, spell checking
  • File uploading and storage
  • Login verification and authentication, password security, Capcha support
  • Map support, Google navigation
  • Google Analytics (GA)
  • SQL database storage, query and retrieval, parameterized searches, LINQ support
  • Blogs, forums, email, user intercommunication, FAQs, reviews, Contact Us support
  • Banner ads, shopping cart, checkout, portal access
  • Cookies, session state, browser independence
  • Culture settings, accessibility features, site map

Being an experienced, hard-core computer programmer, I was able to self-teach myself about all these things and eventually get to the point of producing professional looking websites. I am now able to leverage what I have done to produce a new website quickly and efficiently.

As an example, I was able to take what was done for the RV site and massage it into the Look At My Orchids website in a matter of a few weeks.

All that being said, I want to make it clear that I am not a professional website developer by profession. I do what I do for the love of it. Unlike some, I don't claim to know everything about creating websites; by the way, don't trust anyone who says they do. However, I do have experience in doing several non-trivial sites, and if you like I am able to modify any of those sites, either minimally or drastically, to suit your needs. Moreover, since I am not a commercial developer per-se I can do a site for you at much less cost that you will find with professional developers.

Don't need a big fancy website with lots of bells and whistles? Don't need all the pizzazz of an ASP.NET framework? If you can get away with something like a few words, photos, videos, Email, a Contact Us form and so on, I can get you up and going pretty fast with the likes of Wix, Weebly, WordPress or GoDaddy's Website Builder.

Here is a partial list of the things I can help you with:

  • Develop a completely new website from scratch
  • Change, update or enhance an existing website
  • Debug and repair problems, issues and bugs
  • Improved performance
  • Enhanced security
  • Complete documentation

If you like the look and feel of my websites and think that sort of thing might be right for you, let's talk. If you like to work in a low pressure but results-oriented environment, I'm sure we will get along fine. We can discuss what you like and don't like about my sites, and what it would take to make a site personalized just for you.  Contact me with your site specs and requirements. No obligation or commitment implied

My Websites:


This website was designed and developed by myself. It is dedicated to people who either currently own a fifth-wheel RV or are contemplating acquiring one. It was developed and hosted using ASP.NET technology.

This website is for orchid enthusists and orchid clubs. It is currently being developed using ASP.NET technology.

This site is currently in development and should be ready fairly soon.

This is a website for like-minded selling and trading communities. Originally started by a third-party developer but left uncompleted, I took it over and am currently re-engineering it into a working commercial website. eQuilliion is an ASP.NET-based website.

This site is about 70% completed and is still in consultation with the client regarding future features and facilities to be implemented.

This is a pre-existing website that I rescued. The original website was left in an unfortunate state of disarray by the previous developer. I was able to go in and bring things up to the owner's standards. It was developed using Google's WebBuilder package.

This is a relatively easy website to produce since it consists primarily of words and photos.

Currently under development, this will be a website for descendants of the original McCoys, of Hatfield-McCoy feud fame. It will contain linage trees, historical references, photographs, contacts and stories. It is being developed using ASP.NET technology.

Black Vanda Productions is a registered State of Florida Limited Liability Company.

This website developed by Black Vanda Productions LLC   Copyright © 2019. All Rights Reserved.