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Diabetic Foods and Drinks

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Much like the population in general, a lot of RV-ers are either diabetic or borderline diabetic. The following table outlines a number of foods and drinks that either contain no sugar, have no sugar added or have very little sugar. A lot of the products should be freely available while on the road, but you might want to stock up on others before you head out.

ProductSugar (grams per serving)
Publix dietetic aisle
    Glutino brand gluten-free pretzel sticks1
    Jennies brand Organic Macaroons6
Ice cream
    Bryers Carb-Smart chocolate & vanilla5
    Klondike no-sugar-added vanilla bars-
    Weight Watchers giant choc fudge bars13
    Coke Zero0
    Sprite Zero0
    Doctor Pepper Zero0
    Minute Maid Light Lemonade0
    Fanta Orange Zero0
    Fuze Fusion lemon/tea0
    Nestle Coffee-mate sugar-free hazelnut creamer0
    V8 Mango & Peach18
    Market Pantry flavored waters (at Target)0
    Snackwells Devils Food cookies9
    Sugar-free Jello0
    Walden Farms sugar-free salad dressings 0
    Hellmann's mayonnaise0
    Pacific Foods Organic unsalted chicken stock0
Publix brand
    Publix brand low-sugar apricot preserves5
    Publix brand sugar-free chocolate syrup0
    Publix brand sugar-free pancake syrup0
    Publix Deli Green Tea, with Ginseng & Honey0
    Publix brand Diet Cranberry Juice1
    Publix deli apple pie (No Sugar Added)0
     Various sugar-free cookies at Publix
    Pure Protein chewy choc chip bars3

If you have suggestions for inclusion in this list, simply shoot us a message and we will certainly incorporate it.

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