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After our horrible experiences with slideout cables during our trip to Canada, I've decided to take with us everything I need to do repairs on future trips, especially if there's a chance that we won't be close to a repair facility. The cable cutter and crimper tools are rather heavy, but I'm willing to accept the extra weight, especially since I will be carrying them in the truck bed toolbox.

The photo on the right of the tangled cable illustrates just how bad things can get when they go awry. Click the image to enlarge. Here are links to some of the tools and supplies I used to do my repairs. Feel free to research others if you like, but be sure to read the caveats below.



Don't even think about eschewing a good cable cutter in favor of ordinary tools like sidesnips, hacksaws or bolt cutters. The cable ends have to be cut perfectly clean before inserting into the swages.

Wire Rope and Cable Cutter


This is a good little repair kit to have around if you decide not to purchase a spool of cable like the one shown here.

Cable Repair Kit for Accuslide slideouts


Although you may be tempted to use the pair of cable TV crimpers you have on hand, don't do it. They won't be able to make the tight, snug fit you need for the strains your slideouts will put on the cable system. You really don't want to have a cable pull out of a swage.

18" Steel Swaging Tool


Swages are the things you use to attach the cable ends to the frame of a slideout. Your slideout frame brackets may have slots where you can slide in the swage after crimping it onto the cable. If not, push the swage through the bracket first and then crimp the cable into it.

Stainless Steel Stemball Swage


Don't skimp on the cable wire. Use aircraft wire for its tensile strength and resistance to fraying. If you go on a long trip and you start experiencing cable problems, you will likely have trouble with more than one wire. In such cases you will be glad you brought along enough cable to handle them all.

Galvanized Aircraft Cable Wire Rope 3/16"

--Don't use at truck stops, rest stops or Walmart
-- "Well, ok, maybe just a scosh"
-- Unlevel pads can make slideouts difficult to put in or out.
-- lubricate
-- motors - 12v
-- recently saw a big Cedar Creek with 6 slideouts -- admittedly they were smaller than some

-- slideout locks
-- rear slideout?
-- sm. Outback had small rear slideout, some others do too..
-- cable vs screws
-- push in slideout with truck
-- video of slideout repair
-- underbody slideout rails, not built into body
-- extra cables & tools

-- using truck to push in slideout

If the manufacturer of your rig has gone out of business and you can't seem to find replacement seals for your slideouts, the RV Repair Club suggests that you look at Get RV Parts or Trim-Lok for possible help.
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